Frequently asked questions

FAQs - Job Search

What tool do you offer?

We provide you access to employers that are hiring now. More over we have specific partners we work with to create an environment that offers you more continuity to these employers than just a listing of jobs. Some tools include Chat, mock interviews (could lead to an offer) and a rewards program for completing different tasks! Your resume could appear in our "Spotlight" campaigns which increase visibility of you and your resume.

After you join the EOB Unit you'll have a dashboard where you can track activity, conversations and rewards points. Its goal is to create a sense of connection & interaction.

How can I get started?

If you're looking for Employment: Click the "More Info" button below "Specific Audience" on the website to create your profile.
If you're active duty, separating, veteran or first responder/medical you'll be asked to complete the link to unlock your full access to our tool bin. 
If you're an Employer: click the "More Info" button below "Specific Audience" on the website to create your profile. Select "Employer" and we'll connect your online listings to your profile after you've been authenticated and approved. 
If you're a spouse in one of the groups listed above, have your spouse complete their profile  and submission, have them click the "Spouse" box in their profile and add your email to unlock and gain access to the tool bin.

Do you guarantee an interview if I submit my application to an employer through the EOB Unit?

We offer a sliding scale discount to employers based on their percentage of interviews offered against applications received from the EOB Unit. Your odds of an interview are higher submitting an application through the EOB Unit vs any where else on the web for the same job. We're a charity focused on developing advantages for you, our target audience. There's no better deal for employers than to save money WHILE hiring veterans~

Can you help with interview preparation?

Absolutely, we offer mock interviews, and feedback from the mock employers to help you perform confidently in your next interview!

What industries do you specialize in?

We assist job seekers across various industries with a focus on healthcare, aviation, diesel technicians, truck drivers, law enforcement, and logistics. While those are our main focus, we support many other categories as well~

FAQ - Benefits

Do you verify an employer before allowing them to participate in the EOB Unit for my safety?

YES! Before an employer can have an active account they must be vetted by our staff with both their EIN number, an actual phone call to the main company phone number (from their website and their tax ID). We verify the HR manager or recruiter's contact information with the other points of contact within that company before activating their account. You'll know the jobs they post with us are legitimate.

Who can join the EOB Unit?

Veterans, separating service members, spouses, first responders are all welcome to create an account for no cost with the EOB Unit.

We're a tool, not a service therefore other veteran charities can access our tool bin to facilitate their mission helping a mutual audience.

I'm looking for employment, are there any costs for me to join the EOB Unit?

No. This is a no cost tool for our target audiences.

FAQ - Employer

OFCCP compliance: how can you help an Employer with this?

Please contact us and we'll be glad to get your account activated after you create your profile.

What are the costs for my department to participate?

There is ZERO cost for law enforcement or first responder departments. We connect to your existing online job postings. There is a minimal monthly data connection fee of $79.00* per month per hiring location to keep your job listings current and producing results. The monthly fee is $299.00 and this is on a sliding scale based on interviews offered vs applications delivered to you from the EOB Unit. The more interviews offered the lower your monthly fee!
*Billed annually - Monthly billing is $99.00

We have multiple AOR's how does that work?

When you create your Employer account, it will ask  you for your Employer ID from your job postings source(s). We'll associate your posting ID from those sources going forward with your listings.

We're Inviting Select Employers To Participate~

We'll waive the monthly fees if your department offers at minimum an interview for each applicant that submits an application via the EOB Unit. (Limited to Legacy Memberships during pre-launch only)